Everything has Changed

ϟWith great power comes great Responsibilityϟ
Canadian, eh?

My love:
Once Upon a Time, Little Mix, Disney, Taylor Swift,
One Direction, Demi Lovato, LOST, Harry Potter, Star Wars,
Marvel, LotR, Glee, Animals, Photography, Friends,
Traveling, Fashion, Pretty Little Liars, Ed Sheeran,
Sherlock, Merlin, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Spiderman

Music I live for.
Disney I can't live without
Live Long and Prosper

"we would like to take the opportunity"  july 23rd 2010 

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@JohannahDarling: 4 years today I got the call ……. Mum, they have put me in a band! xxx

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what is love?

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Happy 4th Anniversary One Direction!

“The band that lost on The X Factor but won the world.

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